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Welcome to KirklandBars.com, your definitive source for nightlife in Kirkland, WA.


Here is a partial list of bars in Kirkland Washington.  Some of them are meat markets (Tiki Joes) , some of them are places where hookers hang out to meet rich old men (Hectors), some are for steroid abusers looking to fight (Tikis), some are for easy one night stand (Tikis/Timeout/Rover)material, some are for you to go screw a bartender in the bathroom (Rover), and some are just for a good drink and a fun crowd (aka Central).  Ratings and honest reviews to come!

The Lodge Sports Grille in Kirkland

The Wilde Rover in Kirkland

Lucia of Kirkalnd

Central Tavern of Kirkland

Hector’s Bar & Restaurant of Kirkland

Time Out of Kirkland

Tiki Joes of Kirkland

Valhalla Bar and Grill Kirkland

Beach House of Kirkland

Cactus Kirkland





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